Jim van Eman with an electric motorcycle in the only dedicated motorcycle parking in the Plaza shopping district, Kansas City. Jim planned the garage

Jim van Eman, Principal
LEED Accredited Professional
NCARB national architectural accreditation
Professional licensure in multiple states

Mr. van Eman has more than 25 years professional practice on a wide range of building designs, site planning and consulting services. He has pursued energy and resource efficiency throughout his career, including passive solar, super insulation, and environmentally conscious designs before ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ were common in the lexicon.

Mr. van Eman has taught architecture and sustainable design courses at University of New Mexico, the Boston Architectural Center, and the Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston MA, where he also co-chaired the local chapters of AIA Committee on the Environment and Architects Designers Planners for Social Responsibility.

Mr. van Eman has been active in the Kansas City region for more than 12 years advocating for progressive planning, energy conservation, responsible resource and solid waste management, and other green initiatives. As a mayoral appointee to the Environmental Management Commission (EMC) of Kansas City, Mr. van Eman is responsible for resource efficiency issues. Mr. van Eman also represents the EMC and the city of Kansas City on the Management Council of the MARC regional Solid Waste Management District.

In 2004 Mr. van Eman worked with an EMC panel, the City Manager, and the City Architect to develop an administrative regulation for city construction projects to be designed to LEED Silver standards. The regulation was adopted by the Kansas City Council as an ordinance the following year.

Mr. van Eman was an early advocate for Kansas City to address climate protection, and assisted the EMC 2006 report “Kansas City Climate Protection: Research and Recommendations for a Comprehensive Planning Process,” which was submitted to Mayor and Council and adopted by ordinance, creating the Mayor’s Council on Climate Change and the resultant Climate Protection Planning Process of 2007 – 2008. Mr. van Eman authored the “Residential Energy” work group report in Phase I of the plan, and in Phase II co-chaired and authored the report of the “Zero Waste” work group. The Kansas City Council has adopted by ordinance the recommendations of the Climate Plan, and many of the resource efficiency goals are present in the recently adopted Long Term Solid Waste Management Plan.

Jim is a life-long motorcyclist and a leader of the largest motorcycle club in Kansas City, the Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts. He is the current director of the club’s annual vintage motorcycle show and rally.

Jim is also partial to apples and oaks.